Data Protection - How to manage your Data

How to manage your time to make daily progress?

How They Read Your Mind and control your thought! Data Mining a Billion Dollar Industry!

Is your data secure? Are you giving your consent without noticing? Where is your data being used? Ever pondered over these questions? “Your Data is your Right” and they need to be protected! 

In the jarring aftermath of the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal that shook democracies last year, Netflix released a documentary on this scandal, 'The Great Hack'. If you guys have time, would strongly recommend that you watch this new documentary.

The documentary shall give you an insight on how the data industry is growing at a faster rate than any of us realize and how each of your actions is profiled as your emotion and linked to your decision making. You would not even know how you are being influenced by what you are made to see online. Your digital journey is studied closely and then your data is used to manipulate your perspective which is harvested for personal gains. 


Do you realize that from the moment your WiFi or data connection is activated, from opening your laptop or phone and then clicking on a link and scrolling, your digital data pointing journey has started. 

If I ask, who is logged in to Facebook right now? I am certain the answer would be almost everyone! Some people do not even log out of their accounts on their phones. All your activities create a data trail and this data trail or ‘digital footprint’ is the hottest commodity for the capitalists and the data baron. You have basically been transformed into a case study without your knowledge.

Is there a solution?

As individuals, we can limit the flood of data that we are leaking all over the place. See what you are posting and what consent you are providing to the servers over the internet. Take notice before giving a green signal. Do not take your freedom for granted. These few things would help you to limit your data exposure in the hands of the dark part of social media or the internet.
But there is no silver bullet, no way to go off the grid. So don't think that you are off the radar if you do the above things. These measures only make sure that any information regarding you that is in the hands of “Data miners” is with your consent or approval. 

It is important to understand how your data is affecting your individual rights and freedom and thought. We need to save ourselves from being sold as a commodity in the hands of the data barons. Our dignity as humans is at stake and it's high time to take responsibility for our actions. 

To summarize, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Read before you say yes to any terms and conditions online
  • Think before sharing anything on any public forum/platform
  • Be mindful about what you post and how much of your personal information you leak online
  • Don't be a bot in the hands of the Data Giants