BitQuest CEO Appointed as Vice President of WICCI

BitQuest CEO Appointed as Vice President of WICCI

Women's Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WICCI) is dedicated to inspiring women to achieve success and economic independence through business creation and self-employment, growing one's voice, influence, and impact in the economy and society.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia- 05-08-2020

Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia

Ms Shikha Kedia, CEO of BitQuest, a global Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia, has recently been appointed as Vice President of Women's Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WICCI). Ms Shikha is a digital strategist and serial entrepreneur with over 11 years of marketing experience with startups and large-scale corporations. She was recently conferred upon the honour of Iconic Women Creating a better world for All by Women Economic Forum (WEF).

Ms Shikha Kedia started her entrepreneurial journey in 2010 with Fourdy Digital, a Digital Marketing Agency and in 2013, she expanded the company to Malaysia and is currently servicing clients from the Asia Pacific region. In 2017, she founded BitQuest Sdn Bhd, a global all-encompassing Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia offering services like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Design and Development, Graphic Designing, Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and more. Under her leadership, the company has managed to crack major clients in India and Malaysia namely Aesthetic Academy Asia, PohKong, MajuHome, ICCA Congress, Shalimar, Penang Convention and Exhibition Bureau among many others.

Very recently she was invited to preside as the Vice-President of WICCI- Women's Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry(WICCI). It is a premier All-India National Women's Chamber empowering women entrepreneurs and leaders in all walks of life through advocacy, pro-active representations to government, implementing projects for women via funds allocated by various government agencies and corporates, plus bringing awareness on all issues that concern women in their workplace. WICCI is an independent body while being associated with ALL. Women's Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry(WICCI) promotes and supports business success for its members through network building, fellowship, mentorship, and sponsorship of select endeavours. Through members' initiatives and collaborative relationships, WICCI promotes professional opportunities for economic success and business leadership. With a belief in the collective strength of women in effecting change and transformation, WICCI actively creates and promotes local and global networks nurturing the growth of women-owned businesses and cooperation for more significant trade, trust, and togetherness. Ms Shikha Kedia says, “I am very excited to be a part of such a prestigious body and also be a torchbearer of women empowerment, promoting other women in business. It’s a pride for me to represent two extraordinary countries- India and Malaysia.” She is looking forward to picking up her role and fulfilling her responsibilities with gusto.

Over the past few months, the global pandemic of COVID 19 has had a significant impact, especially on businesses, worldwide. This global pandemic has pushed businesses everywhere into an accelerated state of digitalization and amidst such difficult times, it is applaudable that women in the media business are making significant impacts.

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